08 Oct, 2021

PA for boy age 13 with Autism and ADHD in Leeds LS28 for 2 hours per week

£9.43 hourly
  • Leeds Centre For Integrated Living
Part time & Casual Care Charity, Not for Profit and Social Enterprise

Job Description/Duties

2hrs p/w @ £9.43 p/h



I have been my son’s main Carer since he was young. My son, (aged 13 years) has been diagnosed with Autism and ADHD (Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder). He also has Speech & Language delay and disorder. The purpose of the Personal Assistant is really to give myself and the family, some much needed respite, and also an opportunity for the family to have some quality time together.

My son is a lovely young boy, with high levels of energy. He tends to play alone and be “in his own world”.  He requires one to one support and supervision at all times. The PA will support him, with both indoor and outdoor activities. At home he likes playing with his animal toys, Lego and he is a keen Pokemon fan. He also likes playing games in the garden – ie  football or badminton. The PA will also support him to access social activities outside of the family home (for example trips to the park, bowling, city museums, local walks, supermarket etc) so to develop his understanding of the wider community, gain independent social skills and allow him to do the things he enjoys. 

This role is 2hrs on a Saturday or Sunday which can be flexibly arranged between the successful candidate and the employer. There is also flexibility during school holidays regarding working days or times. 


The Personal Assistant will be required to do the following tasks and may be asked to carry out other tasks of a similar nature.



  • To provide him with one to one support at home and help him access leisure and creative activities be it indoors or in the garden. 
  • To provide him with one to one support and guidance in the wider community and access social and leisure activities in the Community. 
  • To support him to develop his awareness of health & safety.
  •  To support him to develop his sense of road safety and stranger danger.
  • To support him and interact with him to develop his verbal and non-verbal, communication skills.
  • To help him with his personal care, if needed.
  • Be flexible with shift scheduling.
  •  Any other reasonable requests that I may make. 

Job skills preferred /essential

  •      Driving license desirable but not essential. 
  •      Candidates ideally will have had experience of working with children with Autism or similar additional needs.
  •      Local candidates preferred.   
  •      An interest in sports, (football/badminton).
  •      An interest in Animals, Pokemon and Lego. 



My Personal Assistant will be directed by me and accountable to me in all aspects of their work. The PA must always ask what I require and not make any assumptions about any aspect of the assistance I need, or how it should be carried out. The PA should not carry out tasks unless we have discussed it first. If the PA is unsure about anything please consult  me.
Location: My home in LS28 and the wider community.

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