27 Jan, 2021


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  • University of Leeds, Woodhouse, Leeds, UK
Part time & Casual, Internship, Voluntary IT & Digital Internship

Job Description/Duties

*Please note - This is an unpaid internship*

Joblink are please to be working on behalf of a Start up business based at Nexus, within the University of Leeds.

Focus Facilitation is lead by an Engineer who has 20 years experience working in IT and transformation projects, particularly for regulation and organisational change. The tools they are creating are to solve common problems within real organisations. 

Focus Facilitation has created prototypes successfully built to perform specific data transformations.

The first prototype is a desktop application written in GoLang.

The second is a Python application. Solution architecture has identified the next generation of work is to move both of these to web browser apps, using GoLang.

 - Why GoLang?  It can be configured at a very detailed level to run quickly.

 - What is the full tech stack? 

               Server side: just the Web Server (no transfer of client data to the server)

               Client side: Browser, HTML, JavaScript, Web Assembly, GoLang.

How can you help?

There are phases for the project:

 - build the tech stack as proof of concept

 - build the app framework and user interface (projects, users)

 - build the features which read and write local data on the same machine as the browser (.tsv , .csv, .xlsx, (JSON?) ) 

 - build the processing features (7 processes).

What is the opportunity for me? 

Volunteer interns would have the opportunity to work with a seasoned practitioner who would be in the role of 'client'. The client would expect the volunteer to:

 - have their own (or access to) somewhere to work and IT equipment

 - drill into all aspects of the project

 - voice their thoughts

 - define a deliverable

 - list the detailed task sequence for the deliverable

 - give themselves a deadline for completion of the deliverable

 - action the tasks

 - participate in frequent reviews of tasks (including testing of deliverables)

The above should give the volunteer a sense of what working for a client might be like, and offer frequent opportunities for knowledge transfer to the volunteer.

What commitment would I need to give?

There is full flexibility for you to give as much or as little time as you wish. All we ask is that you try to complete a phase of the project

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