28 Jul, 2020

Start-up Graduate

£25,000 - £30,000 yearly
  • Jumpstart
Full time   IT & Digital Marketing, Media & Journalism Sales, Brand Ambassador and PR

Job Description/Duties

Looking to get a role in a tech start-up? Apply to Jumpstart’s start-up graduate programme– it only takes 30 seconds! 

We find, train and then place graduates in London’s most exciting tech start-ups. Successful candidates join an intake of other graduates and receive ongoing mentorship and support. 

Whether you studied English or Engineering, Computer Science or Spanish, our programme gives you the skills and opportunity to thrive in the start-up that suits you best.

Candidates that secure a place on the training programme can be expected to be placed in the following roles:

  • Marketing – Communicate with customers about your product in engaging ways across your online channels
  • Operations – it’s all about keeping the company operating - expect to be thrown into anything and everything. You need to be methodical, analytical, process-oriented, but above all, highly pragmatic.
  • Business development – Boost sales by driving initial engagements with prospective clients, managing relationships and exploring new business opportunities.
  • Software engineer - Build, test and improve the tech product in an incredibly fast-moving environment
  • Business analyst – Extracting key insights from data and crucially, telling a story with it. Crunch the data to find out ways to improve products, make business forecasts and identify operational issues.


Not sure which role you want to be in? That’s fine. Apply to the programme and we will help you find the right role in the right start-up.


Successful applicants typically

  • Have a real hunger and drive to work in start-ups
  • Are highly proactive & willing to self-learn
  • Are willing to roll up their sleeves to get the job done
  • Are excellent communicators
  • Are able to work in fast-paced environments.


The job will be full time, five days a week. All roles have a minimum salary of £25,000, but many of our graduates receive more than that.


How to apply:

Step 1: Register in 30 seconds below

Step 2: Complete online application & test
Step 3: Interview
Step 4: Attend training and interview with minimum of 3x start-ups


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