18 Sep, 2019

Administrative Assistant

£16,000 - £17,000 yearly
  • ces
  • Leeds, UK
Full time Administration Teaching, Tutoring, Education & Invigilation

Job Description/Duties

Administrative Assistant CES Leeds


Job Description


The main duties and responsibilities are as outlined below, although the post-holder may be called upon to perform other tasks and duties as deemed reasonable by the Principal, Registrar and/or Accommodation Officer. Primarily, the post will involve:



  • Welcoming new students, answering their queries and assisting them to adjust to England through helpful, positive advice and attitude. Guiding students to correct areas of the school. Liaising with group leaders and agents, sometimes by telephone. Contributing to student and staff welfare in a caring and efficient manner.  Generally assisting students to adjust to England in a friendly and articulate manner.
  • Dealing with enquiries by email, telephone, fax, post or face-to-face.
  • Undertaking general office duties:  Typing letters, documents, reports and faxes, maintaining files, dealing with post, arranging postal collections. To be the first point of contact in reception and answering telephone calls. Filing student details. Assist with the care of photocopiers, and fax. When necessary ordering supplies, helping with mail shots, arranging for documents to be sent by DHL. Unlocking and securing the building, and other similar tasks as requested by the Principal.
  • Participating in the emergency telephone on-call rota as required.

Please note that annual leave may not be taken in June, July or August





  • Processing enrolment applications from email applicants and selected agencies.
  • Performing all duties connected with such enrolments. Responding promptly and positively to enquiries from prospective students. This involves issuing, via software and email, relevant documents with course and transmitting to the students or agents via post, fax, email and scanner. Informing the accommodation officer of student enrolments.
  • Managing group registrations in the schools software: CLASS, for example, inputting students’ details, processing documents, scanning and liaison with agents and our Registrar.
  • Liaising with group leaders and communication with staff at other school centres.


  • Ensuring CLASS records correct and up-to-date at all times.
  • Coordinating with the Director of Studies in the effective management of attendance and student reports.
  • Ensuring effective and timely management of registration tasks by working closely with the Registrar. Liaising daily with and following guidance and instruction from our Registrar.
  • Cover for the Registrar during his/her absence.
  • Obtaining feedback from students on a weekly basis.
  • Managing enquiries and bookings for the IELTS examination.
  • Selling books and reconciliations.
  • Taking enquiries on Facebook and posting events to the school Facebook page.


Accommodation Duties


Group bookings

To match families for designated group bookings with any special student requirements as stated on the enrolment form or as notified to you by the school.

To make all family bookings initially by telephone and then confirm each booking in writing.


Monitor satisfaction

To monitor students' reactions to their families, in part with the help of answers given by students on a questionnaire the school will ask them to complete: to liaise with overseas leaders on problems arising and, as necessary, to discuss any problems with the student and/or his/her family.

As you judge necessary, or in response to an overriding directive from the Principal/Accommodation Officer, to move students from families with whom they are unhappy to another family.

Communication with host families

To notify families in writing of arrival and departure dates and times for their students.  Plus notification of any changes in such dates and times by telephone and email.

Airport Transfers.

To book taxis as required from flight details received from students.  Arrange for drivers to meet students at airports using standard schools forms to confirm this. Make families aware of flight details to ensure family members will be home to welcome the student.  Ask families to confirm they will show the student how to get to and from school using the correct bus routes, accompanying the student on their first day to the school.

Prospective host family enquiries

To deal with enquiries from prospective host families, making appoints for visits.


Ensuring CLASS records correct and up-to-date at all times.

Ensuring effective and timely management of accommodation tasks by working closely with the Accommodation Officer. Liaising daily with and following guidance and instruction from our Accommodation Officer.

Cover for the Accommodation Officer during his/her absence.

 The responsibilities of the position vary very much from day to day so a flexible attitude is most important as is the need to be able to work under pressure during our peak summer season when overtime is usually necessary.





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