15 Feb, 2024

Social Activity Leader “Yellow Shirt”

£11.50 hourly
  • CES
  • Leeds, UK
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Job Description/Duties

Leading Activities and Excursions

Ø  Lead activities as allocated to you by the Centre Manager or Social Program Organiser.

Ø  Take allocated groups on half day and full day excursions.

Ø  Be responsible for all students in your care, including taking of registers before an excursion leaves for a destination and also before it returns from a destination.

Ø  Know full and relevant information about your excursion destination and confer this information in a clear and fun way.

Ø  Be aware of emergency reaction plans and emergency contact details.

Ø  Take part in evening activities as allocated by the Centre Manager or Social Program Organiser.

Ø  Advertise and promote activities to the students.

Ø  Monitor student satisfaction with the social programme and report any issues to the Centre Manager or Social Program Organiser.

Ø  Observe health and safety procedures for sport.

Ø  Always interact with your students in a fun, positive and informative way.

Student Morale

You have a very important role to play to help students feel at home here. Students will often feel more comfortable talking to you rather than other members of staff. It is of the utmost importance that you play your part in making sure that the students are happy. You will:


Ø  Regularly visit student common rooms, gardens, classrooms and chat to the students.

Ø  Ensure that they speak English as much as possible.

Ø  Encourage students to participate in social activities.

Ø  Pay particular attention to shy or homesick students, gently urging them to join in activities.

Ø  Be aware of school policies regarding bullying and take action if you see unacceptable behaviour.

Ø  Report any incidents or concerns to your line manager immediately.


Administrative Tasks

You will:


Ø  Prepare notices for the social programme notice boards, classrooms and staff rooms where appropriate.

Ø  Contribute information to CES social media sites.

Ø  Keep all notice boards tidy and well presented.

Ø  Maintain an inventory of equipment needed for social programmes (eg. tennis rackets, footballs, volleyballs, etc.) and ensure they are returned to secure storage after use.

Ø  Use risk assessments for every excursion and activity as detailed in the Yellow Shirt Handbook

Ø  Complete incident report forms if anything needs to be reported while you are leading an excursion or supervising an activity.

Ø  Assist the Principal, Director of Studies and other members of staff with any reasonable task.


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