13 May, 2019

Peer Tutor

£10.00 hourly
  • Peer Tutor
  • UK
Part time & Casual Teaching, Tutoring, Education & Invigilation

Job Description/Duties

Become a Peer Tutor and earn money through your mobile! Remember struggling with your homework and revision for your exams? Peer Tutor is a new mobile app designed for school students to get quick help from their peers when they need it most. As a Peer Tutor, you will answer questions, provide feedback and deliver live 30-minute lessons to students studying for GCSE and A-Level exams via your smartphone.

Once downloaded, the Peer Tutor app lets you set when you are available to work. Meaning you can earn money whilst you are at home, in a cafe or studying in the library.                              

Our app matches learner’s questions to tutors based upon their availability and the topics they have set as an area of strength. If matched, you will receive a notification that a question has been asked and you can use photos and text to provide them step by step advice on how to tackle a problem or pointers to help them improve their work.                          

Live lessons last 30 minutes long and all content will be provided so you do not need to prepare.

You will be paid:

£5 Per live lesson delivered

£3 for five points of feedback

£1 for a step by step answer to a specific question

To become a Peer Tutor you must of have achieved a minimum B grade or Level 6 in your GCSEs or A-Level Exams. You will be asked to provide evidence of all qualifications by sending copies of certificates via a secure file transfer site.

To apply go to www.peertutor.com and click ‘Become a Peer Tutor’

You will not be required to interview for this position. You will, however, be expected to provide evidence of all qualifications stated when signing up to become a Peer Tutor.

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