19 Jul, 2022

University Accommodation Welcome team

£9.50 hourly
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  • Leeds, UK
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Job Description/Duties

Would you like to be a critical step in students’ transitions into University life? We are looking for the University of Leeds Residential Team to meet and greet new arrivals to University of Leeds Residential Sites in September.


Your duties:

  • Meet and direct new student arrivals at / on sites, at the site reception area, car park areas, in common rooms  and in accommodation buildings to their study bedrooms. 

  • In your assigned area of work, we would like you to be attentive and alert to all new arrivals. Please smile and extend a warm welcome to them and those that accompany them.  Be prepared to talk and chat with new arrivals, please tell them about what it is like living and studying in Leeds and try to tell them what you think is good about living at a Leeds Residence site. Please remember that new arrivals and their parents are often nervous and that you can really help them to feel good about coming to Leeds. If your behaviour shows them that you like living and studying in Leeds that will make a far more of a positive impression than anything else they have been told. 

  • Directing new arrivals into their accommodation, ensuring that if there are any faults or problems that you offer to help by reporting problems to site staff.  If you are not sure how things work, ask a member of the site staff to explain it to you.

  • Please offer to supervise luggage or belongings of arriving students to be helpful as they move in.

  • Assist with room checks / completing room set ups where advised by Residence Site Manager.

  • Advise residents to complete their accommodation inventories on line via the portal. 

  • Pick up litter that accumulates in or on flat common areas, stairs, entrance lobbies, roads, paths and landscape areas.

  • Pick up and or remove fly posted material and unauthorised drops of leaflets that are pushed through and under doors and strewn about common room areas or the site and dispose of these as instructed by the site management staff.

  • Always respect residents’ privacy and knock on doors before entering flats and please do not enter rooms unless you are invited.

  • Adhere to all health and safety standards as laid out to you by the Residence Site Manager


Shift Pattern:

As the intake will likely be arriving between the 16th and the 25th shifts will be scheduled throughout these dates. Expect shifts to be Morning-Late Afternoon.




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  2. What skills/experiences have you gained from your studies, voluntary or paid work that you feel will help you be successful in this role?

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