03 Apr, 2019

Summer School Activity Leader

  • The Leeds School of English
  • Fulneck School, Fulneck, Pudsey, Leeds, UK
Full time Teaching, Tutoring, Education & Invigilation

Job Description/Duties

Contract: Temporary, Full time (up to 48 hours per week over 6 days)  5 July – 18 August 2019 (various periods available) 

Salary: £280-360 per week (dependent on age and experience)

Benefits: Full board and accommodation (single room in boarding house); holiday pay (12.07%)

Line managed by: Summer School Activities Manager 

Line manager of: N/A

Interviews: Ongoing from April 2019

he purpose of role is to promote the development of students’ English language skills by planning and delivering free time activities, evening entertainment sessions and excursions. This is a residential position at Fulneck School (Fulneck, Leeds, LS28 8DS).

2. Person Specification

Essential Qualifications

  • A Levels

Skills and Experience 

  • Ability to inspire students by enthusiasm
  • Experience in doing a range of sports and cultural activities
  • Experience in leading free time sessions
  • Ability to build and maintain good rapport with students
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to supervise children

3. Duties and Responsibilities


  • To deliver a range of sports, cultural activity and evening for young learners at the Junior Summer School, as per the weekly rota;
  • To contribute to The School’s activities resources by preparing supplementary materials as deemed necessary or requested, preserving and sharing them with the team for future use;


  • To plan excursions and accompany students on them as per the weekly rota

Airport Transfers 

  • To meet individual students and/or student groups at the airport and take them to the Junior Summer School via a pre-arranged means of transport, and to accompany them to the airport on departure, as per the weekly rota


  • To supervise students during their free time, including mornings, lunchtime, evenings and nights, as per the weekly rota
  • Act as a guardian for a group of individual students under the age of 16

Administrative Duties 

  • To ensure all activity logs, registers and further documents are completed fully and filed or submitted on time as appropriate;
  • To attend staff meetings.


  • To fulfil any other appropriate emerging duties to ensure the smooth operation of the Junior Summer School.

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