Stafford Long Diversity Solutions

Diversity Solutions has specialised for over 10 years in connecting bright sparks with brilliant employers.

Finding, attracting and retaining talent from under-represented and hard-to-reach groups can be a challenge. It needs in-depth understanding and practical solutions delivered by a team you can trust. Luckily, that’s what we’re here for – and it’s what we win awards for too.

Diversity Solutions, an offshoot of Stafford Long & Partners, was started with a single purpose: to connect major organisations across all sectors with diverse talent. How do we do that? Through a huge range of services, including internal training, thoughtful marketing tools (such as web content, films or social media), and a variety of career events throughout the year. Whatever you need, one thing’s for sure: we’ll help you provide opportunities for all kinds of diverse groups and create a truly inclusive culture.