Edu-Pal China

Edu-Pal China, abbr. as EPC (Shenzhen, P.R. China, with registration No. 91440300MA5FQHQT0Y), is authorized by State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China, SAIC, for education, language teaching, and international cultural exchange.


The Edu-Pal China Exchange program offers an immersive language/cultural exchange experience between English-speaking young adults who are eager to discover Chinese language and culture, and like-minded Chinese host-families, who are interested in sharing their home and learning English (or another language). With our uniquely designed language curriculum, invaluable cultural events, and amazing travel opportunities, you can expand your knowledge on Chinese language and culture much more efficiently than in your home country, or otherwise. What better way is there to learn, grow, and create a lifetime of memories in China, with a limited budget? With your passion for language and your love for spending time with children, you are being offered a life-changing experience, which also reflects well on your resume!


The Edu-Pal China Internship program offers hands-on ESL practice designed for college-aged students interested in pursuing a career in ESL teaching, international school, pre-school & K12 education, and social work. Each intern will have a designated supervisor who is responsible for providing orientation and supervision. A supervisor is available to the intern on a weekly basis and upon request. Internship certificate available upon request.


The Edu-Pal China Family Teacher program recruits qualified graduates with a bachelor's degree or above and genuine enthusiasm in children's education. Alumni of Exchange and Internship preferred.