access: technology

access: technology is an assistive technology consultancy service specialising in supporting clients with brain injuries within the medico-legal sector. We are based in North Yorkshire covering the whole of the UK.

A person can be prevented from reaching their full potential by a brain injury or disability. We believe technology has the power to unlock that potential, kick starting a journey of discovery and achievement.

Our core business is providing technology assessments and ongoing intervention to people with disabilities. We develop bespoke, innovative solutions that promote independence. Our consultants deliver training to clients and their support networks in their home, school and workplace.

We create long-term relationships with users and their teams to provide a flexible, continuous service, adapting to client needs as they progress through their assistive technology journey.

Staffed by qualified teachers, with extensive experience in disability assessment and training, we know how to support children and adults throughout their education and beyond. 

We identify and provide assistive technology solutions for communication, entertainment, learning and independence, to enable individuals to realise their potential and maximise their abilities in all aspects of life. 

In just 3 years we have empowered more than 200 people to do more with technology. 

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Our Mission Statement: To inspire people to embrace and drive what can be made possible through the use of technology.

Our Values: Client centred. Quality first.