Form Lab Ltd.

Form Lab is a product design and engineering consultancy based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

In a nutshell... Our aim at Form Lab is to help innovators all over the world generate, develop and test new ideas.

From tiny innovations like microfluidic drug delivery devices to energy capture and storage equipment - we understand why design, performance and sustainability matters, and we find our kicks in the detail. 

We want to see these game-changing ideas grow from jotted notes and doodles to real, tangible products that seamlessly blend the practical with the creative. These are products that knock at the door of innovation and are loved by the people who use them. Simply put, they make peoples’ lives better. Since 2012, we’ve had a hand in everything from consumer products to commercial satellite constellations. We start with conceptualisation and pushing through to prototype, before going on to the testing of product concepts by our in-house team.

Our network extends out from our team to encompass a selection of talented freelancers, industrial partners and suppliers. That network is growing every day, and it helps us to realise fresh and dynamic physical designs that challenge what’s expected through research, intellectual property, prototyping, and computer-aided manufacturing (#cam).

Our specialist skills help our customers and clients meet their development goals through a range of tailored services. In essence, we specialise in mechanical design engineering, computer-aided design and drafting (#cadd), finite element analysis (#fea), computational fluid dynamics (#cfd), 3D visualisation and animation.