Trade Data Analysis

TradingHub provides trade data analytics to the financial services industry. Among our clients are global banks, leading asset managers, hedge funds and major regulatory institutions. Throughout our product suite we employ market-leading analytic techniques. Employing these sophisticated methodologies, our tools produce accurate and actionable results, allowing our clients to:

  1. Identify actions that may constitute market abuse.
  2. Identify potential rogue traders.
  3. Analyse best execution.
  4. Objectively assess and improve the performance of traders.

Our Market Abuse Surveillance Tool (MAST) locates suspected instances of market abuse. Our Rogue Trader Metrics System (RTMS) identifies potential rogue traders. Our Transaction Efficiency and Accuracy Monitor (TEAM) measures and analyses best execution. Our Profiling tool provides behavioural and performance profiles of traders and portfolio managers.

Our tools operate across all asset classes and product types. They each scale up to global enterprise levels of trade data. Combining that level of flexibility with the sophistication of their analysis, our tools have earned a place at the leading edge of the market.