Gilbert Meher

Deciding what to do after University is a big decision. After years of studying, you are now at the very first chapter of your career and if you’ve found us then it’s obvious that you see that first chapter being in recruitment.

There’s no denying that recruitment can be tough but it can also be hugely rewarding. It’s a chance to join a very fast-paced industry where you can develop a huge range of skills that you simply wouldn’t learn in many other graduate programs. You have the opportunity to grow your own business within our business and acquire all the necessary business acumen that allows you to do that.

But we don’t expect you to make that journey alone. Our graduate program offers a fully supported introduction through our recruitment academy where you will graduate (for a second time!) after a 12-week classroom course as well as one-to-one coaching whilst you’re working. Furthermore, you will graduate with a qualification in recruitment awarded by the British Institute of Recruiters (BIOR).

So, if you are driven, confident, resilient and competitive then we’d love to hear from you. We are always keen to speak to ambitious graduates who are actively seeking a career in recruitment, both in Leeds and Zurich.

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