Bold Tendencies

The rooftop spaces at Peckham Multi-Storey Car Park in south-east London are home to not-for-profit organisation Bold Tendencies which is unique in terms of the rich mix of what it does, and where and how it does it.  Bold Tendencies commissions site-specific art (105 new works have been supported and shown since 2007) and new architecture (Frank’s Cafe in 2009, the Straw Auditorium in 2010 and the Peckham Observatory in 2017) and produces an ambitious live events programme of orchestral music, opera and dance. 

Bold Tendencies is for everyone. We animate the programme and the site for schools, families and the neighbourhood through standalone education and community initiatives that take culture and civic values seriously. We have a wide, diverse and growing audience in Southwark, London, the UK and globally. Welcoming more than 2m people over 13 summer seasons since 2007,  and with immersive public spaces and spectacular views across London, the project celebrates the free enjoyment of public space in the city.