Union income benefit
  • Wakefield, UK


It's an insurance company and we basically call people to set up a free insurance offer they’ve registered for and then upgrade their plan. There’s no cold calling or pressure selling – customers are already expecting a call.

There’s really good rates of pay, it starts at £9.90ph and that can go up to £12 depending on performance, plus you get £2.50 commission per sale and bonuses on top.

You need to work at least 14 hours a week. The shifts are all Monday to Friday, 12pm-8pm Mon-Thurs and 11-6:30pm on Friday, and you can also do half shifts in the afternoons! You choose your own days and whether you want to do the full or half shift, and these can be different each week to fit around you. The office is 10 mins from Leeds, at Junction 41 Business Park, and they pay for taxis to and from Leeds every shift too.