USA Summer Camp

The best summer of your life. That’s what we want to give you.

We are a company that started because we’d been to camp, fell in love with the summer camp experience and wanted to send many more like-minded people over to America to enjoy their summer.  The aim of USA Summer Camp is to offer the incredible summer camp experience with the highest level of customer service.

Over 10 years later and still going strong, we are so passionate about helping so many people have their dream summer at a camp in America, which is an experience you can only describe once you’ve been.

Don’t spend your summer at home like we once did. Life is to explore and see the world.

Long live adventure!

  • We’ve sent 40,000+ people to Summer Camp
  • More than 700+ Summer Camp Partners
  • Over 15 years of camp experience
  • 2 Founders
  • 15+ Office Staff
  • 80 National Team Members
  • 1,000’s of Summer Camp Staff