Sencrop is a European ag-tech company specialized in precision farming and based in Lille, France and Cambridge, UK.

Positioned at the cutting edge of innovation in connected agriculture, Sencrop has won top awards for its high-precision agrometeorological station and platform at the 2017 SIMA Innovation Awards & the 2019 SIVAL Awards.

Today, agricultural decision-making relies more and more on data analysis. At Sencrop we are a passionate team dedicated to making a real impact in agriculture. We offer a range of new generation ag-weather stations that are less expensive and easier to use for farmers, including connected rain gauges, anemometers, and leaf wetness sensors for more precise, efficient, and eco-friendly agriculture.

Sencrop empowers all farmers to make the right decisions at the right time to improve their yields, and ultimately their way of life. With our stations, farmers can:
-view the current conditions of their fields in real-time
-make better farm management decisions thanks to ultra-local weather information
-interact with their partners based on data collected & shared