Tortoise Media

Last year, James Harding left his post as director of news at the BBC to set up a new newsroom called Tortoise with his co-founders; Katie Vanneck-Smith, former president of The Wall Street Journal and Matthew Barzun, former US Ambassador to the UK for Obama. 

Tortoise is all about opening up journalism, we don't do breaking news but what's driving it. At the heart of the business are what we call ThinkIns. We take the format of a newspaper leader conference and open it up to outside voices (our members) and a range of experience and expertise - these inform our viewpoint as a publication and provide a jump-off point for our journalism.

We host a daily ThinkIn in our newsroom in London on a range of topics and have hosted experts including Elizabeth Day, Scarlett Curtis, Governor Mark Carney; Sir Paul Nurse, Professor Uta Frith and Harry Evans.