VITHIT was created because of a lack of healthy drinks available in our fridges today. “Most drinks contain buckets of sugar. Sugar means calories, and people no longer want calories in their diet” (Gary Lavin, Managing Director and creator of VITHIT).

"Our mission was to make sure our drinks tasted as good or better than their sugary counterparts, then add as much goodness without compromising on taste".

VITHIT contains 100% of your recommended daily allowance of 8 vitamins, plus health giving teas and herbs for overall wellbeing.

10 Oct, 2019
£8.50 - £10.00 hourly
We’re looking for students in the UK with an active lifestyle, who are health conscious, and who are digital pros when it comes to mastering their own social media accounts. Our VITHIT brand ambassador role provides you with the opportunity to grow your marketing and networking skills, whilst being an important voice and source of feedback, helping shape the future of VITHIT. You will be representing VITHIT around university and on campus. Being an expert on the brand and our products, you will be organising sampling events, spreading awareness, being active on social media and providing vital feedback for the company. BENEFITS;  Competitive Salary  Awesome Freebies  Boost your CV Flexible and Sociable 
VITHIT Part time & Casual