More than 60,000 people in the UK are living with a devastating brain tumour diagnosis. 40% of all cancers spread to the brain. It is the most the most common form of cancer in people under 40. But these facts don’t help you when you hear the words “you have a brain tumour”.

A brain tumour diagnosis brings with it the double impact of a cancer diagnosis and a progressively debilitating neurological disease. The treatment is complex and harmful; and diagnosis brings with it fear, isolation, disempowerment and a loss of control. This is where we help.

brainstrust is here to help you live life with a brain tumour. We know that when you hear the words “you have a brain tumour”, you need support from people who not only understand the fear, confusion and isolation, but who can empower and resource you to overcome it.

Our support is available to everybody affected by any type of brain tumour.

We provide personalised 24/7 support from the point of diagnosis and build resources that help people with a brain tumour to become stronger. We also work with people in the clinical setting to secure the best care possible for people with the condition. And because we truly understand the challenges faced by the brain tumour community, we’re able to campaign to solve real issues.