Are you a sports interested person, who are looking for a freelance job you can combine with your studies? Then you will be a perfect new fit to our sports scouting team. As a sport scout you will be able to attend sports events all around the UK, while providing live data back to us for a fee of 100 Eur per game + reimbursed costs for travelling and stadium ticket!

You will be able to choose your own working hours in accordance to your schedule, making it much easier for you to combine your study with a well paid part-time job. If you think this sounds like an attractive and exciting job opportunity, read along further below to know more about what the job as a scout entails, and how you can become the next scout on our team.

At Ukjournalists we seek to provide data delivery of premium-caliber. We deliver sports updates in real time from UK stadiums and out to our various clients with minimum delay and unparalleled quality. In order to ensure that we live up to these standards, we need well-trained sports scouts who can deliver these data.

Through our initial online training program we will guide you step by step, so you can become fully equipped to gather sports statistics at live events all around the UK. If you want to become a sports scout today, then feel free to apply at the link below.

We will get back to you as soon as we receive your application.

08 Oct, 2019
£20.00 - £30.00 hourly
Get paid to watch football at UK grounds Report football matches from stadiums using your phone Flexible schedule to suit your availability All job-related expenses reimbursed No previous experience required   You will receive all the necessary training and guidance for this exciting role. At Ukjournalists we seek to provide a quality level of sports data to our customers. We deliver sports updates in real-time directly from UK stadiums with minimum delay, and unparalleled quality. In order to ensure that we live up to these standards, we are looking for reliable sports journalists who can deliver this data. Start earning money now - while watching football. Sign-up at: nup
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