DRS Software

DRS Software, based in Leeds, United Kingdom, is a specialist software firm focused on big data analytics, real-time data processing, and high-performance web applications.

Founded by Stefano De Rossi, a Robotics PhD with a background including Harvard University, Waseda University in Tokyo, and the Wyss Institute, DRS employs an international team of highly driven individuals with strong technical backgrounds. Our multidisciplinary team combines extensive experience in big data analytics and modelling, and high-performance web applications. 

Our customers include the largest petrochemical groups worldwide, with our software complementing operations at some of the world’s largest refineries.

More recently, our focus has shifted to the emerging technology of WebAssembly, as we have worked with numerous companies, varying in size and industry, on a wide variety of projects to modernise their technology. Our latest venture - a partnership with a global healthcare provider, will see an internal application of theirs written over 20 years ago be converted from a desktop application into a modern web-based solution.