Anna Verge Ventures Limited
  • Heddon Street, London W1B 4BD, UK

Anna Verge Ventures is a multifaceted company that operates across different sectors inducing marketing, apparel and software development.

Our purpose is to acquire talent for our summer internship programme for a very exciting mobile application development project which we are going to 'soft-launch" in Leeds and Oxford for preliminary testing.

16 Aug, 2019
£8.00 - £10.00 hourly
We are delighted to bring VYBZ App launch to Leeds University. The app is designed to help students integrate with the wider university community. VYBZ has set out to connect the new and existing students in a completely unique and a meaningful way enabling them to discover each other in halls and chosen VYBZ locations (bars, restaurant, clubs etc.) and instantly connect with them in the real world.  We are looking for an academically well-rounded and driven student who has completed year 1 at the university and has excellent social skills with a wide network of university friends and who is 'in the know' of the local social scene. You will be required to help us curate VYBZ locations along with devising and implementing our go-to-market strategy. We are based in London but you will be based in Leeds working off-base from your personal computer. Requirements: Predicted 2:1 or above at degree level (in any discipline) Please complete the form in the link :   
Anna Verge Ventures Limited University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, Internship