Bridging Gaps - Cape Town Programmes

Bridging Gaps is an organisation which specialises in the design and delivery of professional unpaid work experience opportunities in Cape Town, South Africa, for students and postgraduates from around the globe.

The work experience opportunities that we offer, fuse student’s professional, academic and personal objectives into an exciting adventure in a cross-cultural context. We have a track record of placing students with Cape Town’s best organisations.

As well as finding our students the best suitable work experience placements, we also assist them in arranging every other aspect of their trip here to Cape Town. We provide extensive pre-trip preparation guidance, unparalleled on the group support, constant placement guidance and continued career and academic advice after they leave.

Some key highlights of our programmes:

  • Professional Etiquette: Our reputation locally is that we provide high-quality students who help organisations work towards real business objectives.  

  • Alignment with Universities:

  • Consistent: Our programmes are customised, but always reliable. 

  • Full Placement or Summer: We can provide year-long placements or summer placements ranging from four weeks to three months. We customise placements to suit the student’s objectives and parameters.

  • Meaning and Challenging: Our hope is that our students are proud of what they accomplish for themselves and their host organisation. We endeavour to provide variety and challenge to help them grow.