The Tutor Trust is a registered charity which aims to transform one-to-one tuition and helps to tackle educational inequality.  We serve disadvantaged pupils by supplying schools with first class academic tutors - university students, recruited and trained by us.  We are unique – Britain's only professional, not-for-profit tuition service for state schools in challenging communities.  Our tutors are paid for their work – they are not volunteers.    

06 Jan, 2020
£12.00 - £20.00 hourly
We are looking for bright, enthusiastic and well-motivated people to do paid work as Tutors in Leeds Primary and secondary schools through The Tutor Trust. No previous tutoring/teaching experience is required, and you do not need to have any existing teaching qualifications. If you do have experience working with young people or with teaching or instructing, please highlight this on your application form.  Schools pay The Tutor Trust for the professional service we provide and, as a charity, we aim to provide excellent quality tuition services at a much lower rate than schools have to pay commercial operators. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, the services The Tutor Trust provides are subsidised and we particularly want to serve schools in disadvantaged communities.  The Tutor Trust has been delivering tuition across Greater Manchester since February 2012. We have now delivered over 90,000 hours of tuition in English, Maths and Science at over 200 primary and secondary schools, supporting over 10,000 pupils across Greater Manchester. In 2015 we opened an office in Leeds, where we have now delivered over 7,000 hours of tuition. More recently in January 2018, we expanded to Leeds. The feedback we get from schools is overwhelmingly positive, both about the impact of our tutors on academic progress and on the value our tutors have as good role models. A full randomised control trial (RCT) of our primary Maths tuition, undertaken by the Education Endowment Foundation, found that our tutees made three months additional progress in Maths, with the impact most pronounced for low attainers and children receiving free school meals. The majority of our tuition sessions take place in school (either after-school or during the school day) and all of the schools we work with are within travelling distance of Leeds city centre via public transport.    You will be paid for your work (between £12 and £19 per hour) and if the tuition requires it 'Non Contact Time' pay is also given as we expect our tutors to prepare adequately for their sessions. We will make sure that you are properly trained, DBS-checked, insured and professionally supported throughout your time as a tutor with us. The training course will consist of an evening introductory meeting and two separate, full days of rigorous preparation for delivering tuition. The training is free and attendance is compulsory; you will not be paid for this time but lunch will be provided.  We will require our tutors to commit to doing one unpaid, voluntary hour of tuition for every six hours of paid tuition work completed. This will be a condition of getting paid work with The Tutor Trust and we think this is a good fit with our ethos and purpose.  This vacancy is open to candidates who wish to work with Key Stage 3/4 (age 11-16) students in Secondary Schools in Leeds. We require tutors that are able to deliver Maths, English and Science tuition. To be a Secondary Maths tutor, you must have an A in GCSE in Maths, to be a Secondary English tutor, you must have an A in English GCSE. In addition, applications are also open to candidates who wish to work with Key Stage 2 (age 9-11) students in Primary Schools in Leeds. We require tutors that are able to deliver both Maths and English tuition. To be a Primary tutor, you must have B grades at GCSE in both Maths and English.   Please only submit one application, you will have the opportunity to express interest in tutoring other subjects at interview, if you are successful. Our tuition is delivered either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. The maximum size for a group is 3 students.  We aim to be flexible and respect the fact that different tutors will want to do different amounts of work and will have different availability during the week.   Please note that tuition takes place at set times every week and that while tutors can be flexible about what days and times they work, once they have committed to an assignment, they must be able to commit to working at a set time and day for the duration of a school term. We ask that tutors make a commitment to deliver a minimum of 3 hours per week of tuition in school. We cannot guarantee a specific number of tuition hours per week, due to schools’ changing requirements.   Please ensure you have the right to register as self-employed in the UK, and that you possess an EU passport or the relevant documents/tier of visa. We advise that anybody who is unsure on whether they are eligible to register as self- employed to check by calling HMRC before completing an application form.  We are currently in the process of recruiting new tutors to work for us in Leeds.  The deadline for this round of recruitment is Friday 7th February 2020.  Interviews will be taking place from Monday 10th February, and successful candidates will be required to attend two and a half days of compulsory training, ready to start tutoring later in February (depending on when we receive your DBS).  Please ensure you are available on the following dates for training: General Training (everyone required to attend): Welcome Evening - Tuesday 18th February -17:30 pm -21:00 pm Initial Training –Friday 21st February - 10 am- 3 pm Subject Specific Training (only attend the subjects in which you are training for) Secondary English Training – Wednesday 26th February - 10.00-15.00 Secondary Maths Training – Thursday 27th February - 10.00-15.00 Primary Training – Tuesday 25th February- 10.00-1500 The Tutor Trust has a rolling recruitment process, which essentially means a first come first served process.   We receive hundreds of applications, and only 25% of those who apply are successful.  We are a small, but growing charity, and have a set number of slots for interviews and even fewer places on our training course.  Due to this huge interest, we will offer places as soon as we have the right candidates.   We strongly recommend you apply sooner rather than later.  If we have the number of tutors we require before the application deadline we will close the application form for this round of recruitment.
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