Leaning Technologies

Leaning Technologies (https://www.leaningtech.com) is a WebAssembly technology company based in Leeds and Amsterdam.

We make solutions that enable C/C++, Java, Flash, and native Linux applications to be compiled, emulated and virtualised into HTML5/WebAssembly. Our tools are used to develop high-performance web apps in ‘traditional’ programming languages, to port existing code to the Web, or to preserve accessibility to legacy applications by converting/emulating them to HTML5. We have a global client base including multiple Fortune-100 companies and public sector organisations, in sectors including financial services, CAD software, HR and operations, logistics, defence and aerospace, retail, science and education, and videogames.

Our incredibly talented, tight-knit team works from different locations with a hybrid remote/office approach. Our main offices are Leeds, United Kingdom and Amsterdam, Netherlands. We value a great, informal work environment, high flexibility, and having genuine fun and excitement every day at work.