North Leeds First Class Learning

Welcome to the Leeds Moortown First Class Learning Centre! We're delighted to support children and adults in the local community with both maths and English tuition.

Every opportunity is used to create a successful learning environment. Students benefit from a varied approach including independent learning and one to one tuition by qualified, experienced Centre Managers. There are also small group revision classes including GCSE, SATs, 11-plus and Year 6 - 7 transition.

Our expert Centre Managers are well qualified and kept up to date with regular training. FCL is more than maths and English - we're aiming to achieve great results. Whether a school entrance exam, or next weeks spelling test, help is always available.

Our maths and English programmes are tailored to learners' individual needs so students move on only when they are confident with a topic. At First Class Learning we believe in 1% steps to 100% success.