Get Further

Get Further is a new further education not-for-profit that supports young people facing challenges in further education to improve their English and maths skills and gain key qualifications that open doors for further study and work. We do this by recruiting and training talented graduates and placing them in further education colleges to deliver our high-impact catch-up tuition programme in English or maths to students in need of extra support. 

12 Jul, 2021
£18.00 hourly
Get Further is the first charity dedicated to providing catch-up tuition to students facing challenges in further education.     We’re recruiting talented graduates to deliver our fully-resourced, innovative tuition programme to students in colleges who have fallen behind in English and maths. As a Get Further Graduate Tutor, you will have a direct impact on the life chances of students – helping them to improve their skills and achieve key qualifications that open doors for future study and work.    Without GCSE English and maths, young people are more likely to drop out of education and are locked out of many university courses, apprenticeships and key professions for life. In the fallout of Covid-19, now more than ever, young people who miss out on these crucial qualifications need extra support to get their education back on track.    Having a tutor to provide tailored support and rebuild confidence can help students close gaps in their education – but too...
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