Coinit-in is a brand and a business that makes Money Box Trees, a product encouraging children to save money. The founder is passionate about helping children understand the value of money and helping them save. The business is a new startup, and is developing exciting new products and ideas all the time. Students will have the opportunity to become brand custodians, dealing with all digital aspects of the business from brand awareness, customer profiling, analysing data, PR, media, and creating content for every digital channel that translates into sales.

16 May, 2019
£9.00 hourly
A digital / marketing / tech guru who wants experience growing a young startup brand. are  looking for a keen self-starter, proficient in all digital media and adept at translating social media output into brand awareness and ultimately sales. You'll develop your key performance indicator management skills, including managing dashboards, views, re-tweets, shares, sales goals, etc, and investigating paid options for social media marketing.   Also, knowledge of how best to exploit and edit video through apps is preferable.  A lot of the creative and content for the brand is already in place, so application is the skill set we require. Understanding how E-tailers like Amazon operate would be an advantage.  You’ll see a brand new startup in action and get to work closely with the founder of an exciting brand. This is flexible depending on availability and there is the opportunity to work remotely. Who knows where this could lead us both? Jackie 
Coinit-in Harrogate, UK Part time & Casual