Say It Global Translations

SIG is multilingual international team which works with a tightly-knit network of exceptional linguistic professionals who are experts in a wide range of fields, such as medical, scientific, financial, marketing, technical, legal and/or literary translations, amongst many others. All our translators are highly qualified and we guarantee that any translation into a target language is of the highest quality with 100% accuracy, thanks to our use of native speakers of the target language along with the added security of proofreaders, who are, again, native speakers.

 SIG is different to other language companies since we are not just a language organisation but a tightly-knit team of exceptional and dedicated professionals who work on the basis of ethical principles and fairness. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and on treating each and every client with understanding and respect. 

 The philosophy of our company is not only to advocate a healthy work environment for team members but to collaborate in projects which have a positive impact on people, animals and the environment in general. With this vision in mind, SIG aims to foster and develop a healthier working model and, by connecting with responsible language and translation communities and experts, is dedicated to bringing about a positive change. 

 By using our language services to promote your projects, you will be ensuring you receive a top-class service while contributing responsibly and effortlessly to the provision of more opportunities to language experts.


 Say It Global Translations Ltd. was founded on the grounds of fostering change within the language industry and safeguarding and protecting professional linguists in the sector.

 SIG has moved forward to take a stand through the development of a membership-based one-stop community site which will be launched very soon thanks to winning the prestigious Essex University Start-Up Pitch run by Bank Santander in October 2021. This platform aims to build a strong network of linguists who can join forces to strengthen and empower those working in the language sector, while offering members a wealth of learning, training, writing and work opportunities.

 SIG welcomes every individual and organisation who aligns with the goals of our company, supports a fair-trade philosophy and advocates our profit-for-purpose business model. 

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