Lucy Walker Recruitment

The ‘story’ behind Lucy Walker Recruitment started in 1992 when, at 22, following redundancy from my previous position, I decided to start on my own business adventure with the help, positive encouragement and most importantly the invaluable support of my Dad, Brian Walker, a successful Leeds businessman at that time.

Starting in a small office in Wellington Street, with 5 years Recruitment experience, I had a desire to provide a different recruitment service. I wanted to provide a truly Consultative service to both Candidates and Clients throughout the West Yorkshire region. Armed with a Yellow Pages and a telephone, Lucy Walker Recruitment was born.

My focus initially was to work effectively to develop our reputation with businesses throughout Leeds, focusing on proactive and consistent communication. The business world was quite different then, without the forever advancing technology that we work with today. Processes were  a lot simpler but different, and were often more time consuming. Communication was then all telephone or face to face led and my main aim was to speak to and meet my Clients and Candidates to really understand their business and individual needs. Building those early relationships and developing repeat business was vital.

Over 26 years later, technology has changed the face of business and recruitment in so many ways. However whilst elements of the recruitment process are very different, the core principles that I started with in 1992 remain as important to me now as they were then. Quality, Professionalism, Honesty and Integrity are values which underpin everything that we do, and are the values that our Clients and Candidates know from working with us, that we will  not compromise on. All levels of communication are so important within the work that we do, working consultatively with our Clients and Candidates to guide, support and advise them throughout the recruitment process.

“Excellence in Recruitment” is the core value that we introduced from the start and this is something that I continually emphasise to all of my colleagues today. Our Clients know that by working with clarity and honesty and by keeping the process simple but effective, we will achieve this value. However we work within a competitive market and I will continue to drive myself and my team to continue learning as individuals, developing as a business and improving our skills as a team, to maintain our brand and service levels that we have worked so very hard to achieve.

I hope after looking through our site you will feel confident in working with us.