The UK's No1 OMG, Jaw Dropping, STEM, Careers and Sports Science Enrichment Experience for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Events.

We inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and scientists by taking medical and sports science equipment into schools, colleges & events all over the UK.

 This role is a fantastic CV builder for anyone interested in pursuing a career in education and teaching, science communication or any healthcare sector.

As one of our workshop facilitators you’ll be responsible for travelling to schools around the UK with our kit, setting up the workshop, speaking to groups of 30-60 students at a time (from 7 yrs old to adult learners) and helping them use the amazing medical and sports science kit we take in. A key part of your role will be to educate young people about the variety of careers within the NHS and promote the STEM subjects.

Our workshops are hands-on as we encourage students use real medical kit in the classroom to help them discover the amazing careers in the NHS they never knew existed. The medical workshops have equipment such as ultrasound machines, ophthalmoscopes (to look inside the eyes!), key hole surgery simulators, phlebotomy training arms, ECG machines and more. On the sports science side we have reaction walls, timing gates, strength and jump tests, Watt bikes and speed cameras!

With this we offer an extensive range of benefits for staff, accommodation and food paid for while away. Travel expenses funded, including mileage for own vehicle.