Clear Engagement
  • Leeds, UK

CLEAR engagement exists to deliver real, sustainable social and environmental change 
for people, communities and places.
Our founders saw social value being treated as a box ticking exercise. Businesses and 
project teams were often talking a good game, but due to a lack of experience in
creating impact that mattered, people, communities and places were missing out.

We work with our clients to create and implement strategy, create bids, deliver projects, stakeholder management, Communications, Reporting and Training. 

Our team is proud to be using their experience, capabilities and skills to 
partner with businesses and project teams to win, create and implement achievable, impactful and sustainable social value programmes.
As a partner to your business/project we’ll work with you to help shape, refine and 
deliver your social value commitments. More than a consultancy, CLEAR 
engagement can be the group of team mates, supporters, advisers and allies 
that enable you to achieve effective community impact