Leeds DP and PA Support hub
  • Leeds, UK

Leeds DP and PA Support Hub are a Leeds City Council team supporting individuals in receipt of the Direct Payment package.

Our Independent Living Teams support disabled people of all ages to take control of any help they need with personal care, daily living tasks and getting out and about in their community. This includes supporting people to recruit, manage and pay their own support workers, usually called Personal Assistants (PAs). Employing PAs enables our customers to choose who they want to provide their support and how and when the support is provided, to suit their and their families' lifestyles.

Our customers include individual disabled and older people, parents with disabled children and carers of disabled adults.


Payroll services

Leeds CIL provides a full payroll service to individual employers of Personal Assistants. Their dedicated team of Finance Support Workers currently support over 1,000 individual employers to pay their PAs every month.