Nutri-Genetix Ltd.

NGX is the future of nutrition

Our nutrition shakes provide the exact balance of nutrients required by your body, dependent on your genetics. This supports you in exceeding your fitness, health and wellbeing goals.

NGX is blended using natural, high quality ingredients that are vegan friendly and sustainably sourced. You can now get all of your nutrition in a tasty, convenient form.


“We are here to perfect individual nutrition”

The NGX vision is to pioneer a new era of personalised nutrition products so that anyone can perfectly meet their nutrition requirements, whoever they are, whatever their goal.


“We are here to fuel life’s great achievements”

The NGX mission is to empower people of the world to become the best version of themselves by bringing personalised nutrition innovations to everybody, everywhere.

NGX is formulated to optimise individual nutrition, so individuals can achieve maximum physical and cognitive performance across all their fitness, health and wellbeing goals