Pimentae is our premium tequila cocktail brand, with a mission to offer a more accessible avenue to try tequila by liberating the way consumers enjoy it. 

After travelling Mexico and trying many high-quality tequilas, it opened our eyes to the incredibly complex and sophisticated nature of tequila when balanced correctly. Not something to be shotted, something to be sipped and savoured. We quickly realised there was a huge knowledge gap in the UK driven by our shot culture and poor quality options and this led us to launch our own premium tequila cocktail brand – Pimentae.

We aren’t here to recreate ‘classic’ cocktails. We create unique, flavour-led cocktails with craft and taste at the forefront of our proposition, all you need to do is pour over ice.  A fiery twist on the classic margarita, our Spicy Margarita is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy whereas The Eclipse balances the freshest flavours for a more delicate tasting cocktail.

Too good to be thrown away, we designed the bottles exclusively to encourage upcycling, as a brand committed to being 100% sustainable. Wrapped in bespoke designs by artist Kit Lintin, the bottles tell the story of our brand, the Mexican heritage and the quality ingredients in each cocktails. We strive to build our brand around experience, sustainability and community. Our events help us to bring this to life and allow our customer to immerse themselves in an exotic oasis whilst sipping on a spicy marg!

We carefully selected El Tequileno for the tequila in our cocktails and have built a really close relationship with the brand. It’s a brand that has been family run for over 60 years with amazing heritage and is one of 8 brands exclusively produced at its own distillery in the old town of Tequila ensuring consistent supply and authentic quality.