STEMKids Ltd

STEMKids Ltd runs after school clubs for primary school children with activities based around the STEM curriculum areas. We operate all over the UK and employ presenters from a wide variety of backgrounds.   We are recruiting suitable presenters for these clubs and it is a flexible role that works well for students who have some experience in education settings.  Running STEMKids clubs allows the presenter to build up their experience with different groups of children in schools, but have the security of knowing that the sessions are pre-planned and all activities are tried and tested.


Presenters apply to join our network and we check references, DBS status and other details.  We then send details of local bookings to presenters.  All sessions are pre-planned and STEMKids provides all required resources and manages bookings and club registers.  Presenters are paid £28 per club session and most clubs run for 6-10 sessions. Contracts are short term so bookings can be balanced with other study and work commitments