BBraun Sterilog
  • Grangefield Industrial Estate, Richardshaw Road, Stanningley, Pudsey, UK
  • BBraun Sterilog

The B Braun Medical Group is amongst the world’s top healthcare companies operating in over 50 countries, with over 42,000 personnel.  The UK businesses turnover is more than £100m. 

B Braun Sterilog provides an invaluable service to operating theatres and wards across three sites in Birmingham and Leeds. The production department provides the Decontamination services for its customers who require an efficient and reliable service.




This is a busy and varied role where you will learn how to process and sterilise surgical/medical devices and instruments for hospitals and clinics.  You will be taught how to operate washer disinfectors, Sterilisers or any other decontamination equipment within the department, ensuring that all instruments and sets are effectively decontaminated prior to being made available for use in operating theatres, clinics etc. As medical devices are used on patients the role of a Technician is of high importance as they are responsible for ensuring that all medical equipment is clean and surgically safe to use for operations.

 The Sterile Services Technician will be shown how to follow specific protocols in accordance with Health, Safety, Governance and ethical requirements following Work and Quality Instructions