Outside Ambassador

Our mission is to be a place where you always have a friend to be with.

Where nobody has the feeling of being alone. We think that software can bring us together in person and not only optimise towards engagement on a screen. Where meaningful connection is the priority. Being in person with people helps us all lead a happier, healthier and more fun life which can lead to more personal growth and opportunities. We’re an app built by a tiny focused team which puts building a great product for people above everything. We’re not about gimmicks or the short term, we really want to build something that is useful for a lot of people all over the place.

The app is super fast, simple and the decisions the app are aimed to make it easier for people to be with people in person. It’s really great to have all the stuff you do with friends in one place and you can see who’s around nearby that can join you. Anyone invited to something is able to invite a friend in 1 tap which helps people meet all new people through friends really fast.

Try it here: https://apps.apple.com/app/1611434405