The Work Crowd

The Work Crowd is a global network of professional, best-in-class freelancers working across the Marketing, Communications and PR mix. We boast work hubs of freelancers across Europe, Mena and the US.  

Our award-winning online marketplace provides a platform for companies to instantly be matched and connected to the talent they need to help support their marketing needs. 

We have a proprietary algorithm, that ensures the best connection, as well as other features such as messaging, video chat, timesheets, invoices, and payments to simplify the process. Freelancers and clients alike can centralise who they are working with for ease and greater transparency.  The Work Crowd HQ is London, however, in 2021 we launched into the UAE and wider GCC, with offices in Dubai as we see this as a huge growth market.  

We host several events across the year for both client and freelancer members.