Mae and Mitchell Bespoke Management

We are a new and exciting social care provider, trying to shape social care in Leeds to be much more bespoke to the person. We are underpinned by the values of wanting to make a difference to people who have had traumatic lives, sticking by that person through thick and thin, and using their choices, preferences and aspirations as the framework of how they are supported. 

The individuals choose where they want to live in Leeds - in their own home in the community (no other tenants!) - where staff support them. Their staff are recruited around and by them, to match to their interests and personality as much as possible. The most important thing for us with candidates is not past work experience - it's that staff can build really good relationships with the person. Therefore, what we are most interested in with candidates is their own skills and interests to share with others, their passion for working with people, and to resonate with the values we want in the core of the company, along with a willingness to learn and adapt.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of an exciting project in Leeds to give adults with mental health and learning disability diagnoses a new lease of life in their own home - away from institutional settings.