At MI5, MI6 and GCHQ we are proud of our mission to protect National Security and UK interests overseas.

At MI5 - our mission to is keep the country safe from terrorism, espionage, cyber espionage and counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction at home in the UK.

At MI6 – (Also known as SIS) we help to ensure the UK and our allies keep one step ahead of our adversaries. We are creative and determined – using cutting-edge technology and espionage.

At GCHQ – we use cutting-edge technology, technical ingenuity, and wide-ranging partnerships to identify, analyse and disrupt threats.

We’re also proud of our people and upholding our values. Our working culture’s encourage open minds and attitudes and are supported by a welfare and benefits structure that enables our workforce to be at its best. From training and development that helps employees expand their skills, to flexible working patterns that support a healthy work life balance at MI5, MI6 and GCHQ to create an environment where everyone can achieve their full potential. Between us we have many ways to use your skills, so we offer variety and potential to switch between agencies. We are so proud of our awards for diversity and inclusion, which underpin everything we do and hold important.