Having started with a focus on quality improvement programmes, our skills have grown to enable the delivery of a range of services that capture and forecast the impact and value that programmes derive.

Our goal is to ensure that our insights are meaningful and impactful; supporting decision making through promoting what works, and re-thinking what does not.

The team’s extensive skills and experience enable us to provide a range of services; from using analytics to transform data into effective visualisations, to conducting health economic modelling to articulate the forecasted benefits of a product or programme, which, combined with qualitative insights, provide a comprehensive evaluation. Techniques such as systems dynamics modelling provide further understanding of the potential impact that changes to service provision may have on the wider system.

Our advisory and commercialisation services highlight procurement routes within the NHS, drawing on requirements from regulatory bodies to provide real-world guidance. We have supported organisations across NHS, academia, and industry, at both national and international level.