Roundhay School

About Roundhay School

Headteachers will make all kinds of claims about their own school, particularly during a recruitment process or when trying to 'sell' their school to others, but there is genuinely something incredible and unique about Roundhay School!

We recently secured the official 'World Class Schools Status' on top of our Ofsted Outstanding rating.  These accolades and our results, which sit well above national averages, have been achieved because we have superb, dedicated and highly motivated staff working with fantastic young people.  Unlike some schools, we detest schools that operate a culture of fear and have developed a reputation for treating our staff well and supporting development.  The Leadership Team play a key role in managing pupil behaviour, for example, by being involved with the centralised detentions and continuous corridor patrols.  This is a key reason why we have excellent behaviour and a strong, warm and friendly ethos, which in turn allows teachers to teach and staff to enjoy carrying out their respective roles.  Staff morale is incredibly high and sickness absence is low for these very reasons.  

If your application is successful and you are shortlisted, the interview day will allow prospective candidates to see the school in action, speak to staff and judge for yourself!