Pakenham is an up-and-coming British watch brand, offering the luxury watch industry a fresh perspective.

Pakenham was born with a desire to offer luxury products that combine innovative designs, avant-garde technologies, and responsibly sourced materials that cater to increasing consumer demand for a responsible watch and jewellery industry. To this end, tying in with consumers’ increasingly prevalent attitude towards the environment and high-quality, ethically produced goods, Pakenham’s stylish timepieces are solar-powered, minimalistic, sustainable and gender-neutral.

In the context of increasing stakeholder pressures, and growing regulatory and voluntary requirements, in particular, the areas of responsible sourcing and due diligence in the watches, jewellery, precious metals, textiles and synthetic materials supply chains, Pakenham watches are committed to being part of the circular economy.  Furthermore, the sheer complexity of international supply chains, the dizzying diversity of material choices and multiple aspects of sustainability, makes developing and communicating the merits of business sustainability a tough challenge. All of this is the reason why we want to make sure Pakenham partners up with the right brand that believes and adheres to the same values and principles as we do.  


Our Packaging

It’s more important than ever to make choices that benefit the environment as there is so much material waste when delivering parcels. With most of the population working remotely and travelling less than ever before, we want to commit to as little packaging as possible, carefully sourcing materials with sustainability at the forefront of our vision.

 Pakenham's sustainable, multi-purpose, eco-packaging has been developed with that mission in mind and the appearance continues with a circular theme. Our zero-waste plantable packaging is made with post-consumer materials embedded with seeds so every part of the watch packaging can be planted outside.


Alice Pakenham 

Alice Pakenham came up with the initial concept for Pakenham timepieces in 2015 and, realising that there was a huge gap in the market for gender-neutral, reasonably priced, luxury watches, she went to work for a large environmental organisation to learn more about her own sustainable impact and how she could do better. 

 Alice spent five years researching and developing this unique concept watch and part of her goal in creating her brand was to reduce mass consumption. Her innovative vision is for consumers to own just one watch, with no labels attached and with numerous different looks achieved by interchanging the straps. She is also developing the concept of attaching the timepiece to a necklace, brooch or handbag strap.



Pakenham has joined up with leading specialists in the industry TDI Sustainability (TDi). TDI is a purpose-driven sustainability consulting firm specialised in the luxury, minerals and metals value chains. They work with mining companies large and small, refiners, manufacturers, jewellers, watchmakers worldwide to unlock the long-term value of sustainability through good environmental, social and governance performance. They ensure there is a sustainable solution in every step of the watchmaking process.


Launching 2022

Please note, we are without a website at the moment as we are redesigning the logo along with a new website, thank you for your patience.