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Top quality production and recording for the modern artist.

We work with aspiring artists from all over the world to produce and record their songs in our studios. Founded in 2014 out of a dorm room at Leeds College of Music, we have gone on to work with more than 500 artists in over 40 countries.

04 Apr, 2019
£7.50 - £8.00 hourly
We're looking for a talented, knowledgable, and passionate writer with a great understanding of recording vocals and other music production skills to help us develop a comprehensive online course for our clients. The course will cover all aspects of recording vocals at home and processing them within a DAW to create the best possible sound. It will be split into 7 modules, each covering a different aspect of the process. It will be your job to develop the script and assist with all aspects of the production. Responsibilities include: Working closely with our producers to collect the information required Developing the script  Structuring the course into modules and lessons Assisting the team during the shoot days This role gives you the opportunity to create something that educates and inspires musicians around the world, develop your writing skills, and gain some great experience working within the music industry.  This role includes the opportunity for growth within the company. We're always looking to bring on new people so view this as a chance to get a foot in the door. Requirements: Confident writer Understanding of music production Experience using Logic  Experience using other DAWs
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