Brake, the road safety charity

Road crashes, air pollution and emissions from road traffic are preventable, global catastrophes that must be stopped, and the solutions are within grasp. Brake, the road safety charity, fights for a world with safe, green, healthy and fair transport. We research and advocate for change at government level and, through our community projects, inspire, inform and engage people and organisations to join us on our campaign.

On average six children are seriously injured or killed on our roads in Britain, every day. Being suddenly and violently bereaved or suffering life-changing injuries from a road crash is traumatic and devastating, but we exist to help.

Brake employs a dedicated team of professionals to campaign for action and to care for the victims of road crashes. Our victim services team provide an accredited national helpline and information service for adults and children bereaved and seriously injured in road crashes. Our community engagement team works alongside schools, children and youth to shout out in their communities. Our fleet engagement team works to promote companies operating fleets of vehicles in ways that are safe and sustainable. Our campaigns team advocates for change at government level and by shouting out in the media. Most of our work is currently UK focussed, but we have a growing global presence and a branch in New Zealand too.

Brake encourages employees to commute to our offices in Huddersfield by public transport, on foot or by bicycle. We will not accept applications from people who intend to commute a significant distance to the office by car, although we do allow commuting by car over short distances in some circumstances.

Due to the nature of Brake’s work, we cannot consider applications from traffic offenders.

Brake is an equal opportunity employer.