GAIN- Girls Are INvestors

GAIN is a community of investors, with charitable status, set to change the staggering lack of gender diversity in investment management, from the ground up.

In the UK, women represent just 8% of decision makers in investment management. At entry level, it’s not much better – it’s understood that only 20% of applicants to the industry are women.

We surveyed young women aged 16-21 and found the reasons twofold. Firstly, young women don’t understand what investing means and why it’s important to society. Secondly, there aren’t enough female role models in investing – and if you can’t see her, you can’t be her. These reasons shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the fact nothing has been done yet to course-correct among young women should.

GAIN is here to change this. Our purpose is to inform and inspire. We inform young women with online resources, bringing helpful information on careers in investment to their fingertips. We inspire young women with a strong network of female role models, who speak in high schools and universities around the UK and feature on our online channels, delivering compelling and high-impact messages on the many benefits of investing as a career.