Spin Brands

In a nutshell, we’re a social media agency.

Born in 2016 with a team number you could fit on half a hand, we’re now a 30-strong family of creators, analysts, specialists, enthusiasts, deep-thinkers, boundary-pushers, and list-makers (see what I did there?).

Our mission is to help build brands we believe in and have fun while we’re doing it! That’s why we’ve won quite a few awards, not just for our work, but also for our workplace. Awards like the ‘Top 100 Best Places to Work’.

You can see more of what we’re about [on our website - spinbrands.com] here and see our smiling faces on the ‘About Us’ page*

*If you can guess who wrote this job posting, you’re automatically guaranteed a job offer**

**OK - I’ve just been told I don’t have the authority to say things like this, but it might be fun to guess anyway.